Five Benefits of Rooting Your Android Smartphone | Android Rooting Benefits



Android OS is a customizable and versatile platform. One of the most common topics related to Android is rooting. Many Android users argue that rooting isn’t necessary, because they could already access may customization options. However, if we know about the real benefits, rooting an Android smartphone could become something worthwhile. Here are benefits of rooting your Android devices:


1.Full Administrator Privileges

Rooting allows us to get full administrator privileges and we are in full control of any application on our handset. Peskier bloatware can be removed or at least disabled. It means that we won’t need to deal with reduced memory and cluttered app drawers. By cutting the bloatware, we should be able to prioritize on apps that we really need.


2. Better backup functionality

After rooting our device, we should be able to get enhanced backup and restore capability at our disposal. App downloads and settings can be backed up on the cloud.


3. Faster availability of software updates

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If our smartphone has been rooted, installing different versions of Android is a perk that we can enjoy. We should be aware that manufacturers can be quite slow in delivering the latest software update for our device. Updates can be slower for non-flagship device. By rooting our Android device, we could get unofficial, stable updates that have been validated by various experts.


4. Custom ROM installation

Android is a free system, but we could still feel somewhat restricted by it. There are numerous ROMs that can provide us with various features and improvements. Many custom ROMs are currently at the forefront of innovation with various new features that we can use.


5. More functionality

With administrator privilege, we should be able to gain more functionality in our device. Core files can be immediately accessed and things inside the internal memory can be moved around if needed.



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