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Imagine this, you are driving down the street, following behind a truck and a rock flies from the truck and hits your windshield. You see a nice little chip in your windshield. Your first thought is “Crap, this is going to cost me”. Before paying out of pocket take a quick moment and give your insurance a call.

What most people do not realize is if you have full coverage you may have comprehensive insurance. Your first thought would naturally be, wont this put my insurance up? Not necessarily, most insurance companies treat comprehensive insurance separate and do not risk putting your insurance up.

Insurance companies in the United States and Canada

So using the above scenario, most insurance companies in the United States and Canada will not even charge you a deductible for a rock chip. The way they look at it is, a quick fix now is a lot cheaper than replacing the windshield down the road when it fully cracks.
So now you procrastinated and winter hits, it is cold outside, you start your car and turn the heat on. Couple of blocks down the road your rock chip then spreads and cracks the full Windshield. Now it cannot be fix a new windshield will be required. Even though you procrastinated you still may be covered. With comprehensive insurance they normally will cover full windshield replacements without increasing your insurance. In this case you would be required to pay a deductible. In most cases they range from $100. Shop around as a lot of companies will provide a deductible rebate and cover some if not all of your deductible.

Comprehensive insurance is not limited to a broken windshield or even side windows. Typically comprehensive insurance will cover theft, Vandalism, fire, falling objects, hitting an animal such as a deer or moose. Before you pay out of pocket, make a quick call to your insurance broker and find out if you are covered. Why pay out of pocket when you are covered.

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