What a Diamond Certificate Tells About a Diamond | Diamond Certificate


Always ask for diamond certificate

I have known a lot of people who rush into buying any diamond that they see in any window store without thinking about asking for any diamond certificate
Some people buy diamonds even without asking for it’s certificate , However there are some few buyers who are wise enough by checking the Diamond color and clarity on its certificate before making the final purchasing decision. So, what’s the big deal about this stones color and clarity? Well, they determine the value of the stone, and if you wanted to make the right investment, you have to make sure that you are getting the value that you paid for.

Diamond Quality

When you will see a single letter D on the certificate’s notation, this means that you are getting the colorless type, hence a more expensive and more valued type of stone. The cheaper one with the lowest quality is the one with the letter “J” . Hence, if you see this type of letter grade, you know that you must not be charged in as much as other expensive types of diamonds sold in the store.

keep in mind , Always ask for diamond certificate

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