Five Drawbacks of Buying Ultra-Cheap Android Smartphones


Some Android device manufacturers have attempted to entice users to buy very cheap smartphones. Many smartphone models are available for under $100, some with 5-inch displays and multi-core processors. Whether these manufacturers have no real intention of making financial profit or they want to help people to have affordable smartphones, is an altogether separate discussion. Here are reasons why you should steer clear of these cheap devices:

1. They could be frauds

Although prices of smartphone components have been dipping, it’s nearly impossible to gain profit at such a low pricing. There’s a possibility that these ultra-cheap models are simply ploys by fraudsters to rip consumers off. Many of the components, such as front-facing camera and internal storage modules could be taken from recycled smartphones. This will have consequences in terms of overall reliability.

2. Poor build quality

Obviously, we won’t get all-metal body or waterproofed chassis at such low pricing. Although build quality could be a low priority for some users, these phones won’t be able to withstand physical abuses and slightly higher moisture exposure. It will result in higher risk of malfunctions.

3. Obsolete specs sheetandroid mobile 300x199 Five Drawbacks of Buying Ultra Cheap Android Smartphones

For anything under $100, it is likely that we will get a phone with obsolete specs sheet. These devices could still have 800 x 480 screen resolution, blurry 3Mp camera and 4GB of internal storage. It will result in dismal user experience and there’s a significant limit on what kinds of apps that we can install and run.

4. No updates

Manufacturers of low-cost smartphones won’t bother delivering timely updates. Often, in its original form, a new smartphone model doesn’t provide trouble-free and smooth user experience. As an example, critical security patches could be needed to quickly deal with newly discovered glitches. After delivering their products to the market, manufacturers of ultra-cheap smartphones won’t bother to provide any software update to their customers.

5. Poor or absence of after sales services

Given the excessively low prices, it is quite likely that we will eventually run into various software and hardware issues. In more serious cases, the absence of after sales services will cause us to end up with a $90 brick.

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