Five Ideas of Gifts That you can make yourself at Home


If you want to give a really thoughtful and memorable gift then you can do so by giving something hand made. These days it is no longer thought of as a cheap skate present but as a well thought out and personal gift. There are many things that you could do as well, depending on what skills you have.

A piece of Art
Not everyone considers that they are an artists, but there are many ways of producing a piece of art. You could produce a painting and frame it up, but there are many other things you could do as well. You could use a coloring book to help you make something artistic to frame. You could knit or sew something if you are good at those sorts of things. You can use pom poms to make wreaths or even do some quilting or make cushion covers. If you look online, you will be able to find all sorts of ideas and some are very simple and others more difficult. Even if you feel that you are not artistic, you will be able to manage some of these and you will get better with practice.
Home baking
Many people really enjoy home baking. You can find many recipes online and you can make everything form biscuits and cakes to sweets and pies. There are so many different things that you could possibly make and you will be able to choose from simple to expert recipes. It is wise to make sure that you practice a few times and it is also good to see how long they last s that you know how far in advance you can get away with making them.

Compose music or make a mix tape

guitar 1180744 640 300x200 Five Ideas of Gifts That you can make yourself at HomeIf you are capable of writing music then you can make up a song for someone. You could record it for them and give it to them as a gift or perform it for them. If you play an instrument or are a singer then you could record something or play something for them, which would still be a treat even if it was not an original piece. If you cannot do this then you could always make an old fashioned mix tape.


Write some poetry or a story
If you are good at writing then you could write a piece of poetry or a story for someone. If it is a poem you could always write or print it out and frame it. A story could be bound into a small book. You could also take an existing poem and print it out in a pretty font and then frame it.

Grow something
If you are more green fingered then you could grow something for people. You could grow flowers, bulbs, herbs or all sorts of things. You could even paint or decorate the pots so that it looks really special. What you grow can be chosen depending on what you think will suit the recipient the best. Some may prefer vegetables, herbs or fruit and others may like flowers.

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