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My Personal Experience About Health Insurance , Why It’s Important ?

When we talk about our health, we are probably talking about the most important aspect of our lives. We need to take care of our health , likewise we should take responsibility about choosing the most suitable and cheap health insurance.

It is in fact beneficial to the low income group that cannot afford expensive HMO plans. What matters is that we need to check the coverage and scope of the plan in which is most beneficial to us. We need to consult our doctor for their opinion as well because they are the ones who are knowledgeable with our medical history as to what would benefit us the most,Always remember to ask for our doctors opinion.

There is a saying that goes ,health is wealth and if we don’t take care of our body, we will get sick and could not work. We cannot look for a job either and everything in life is stranded. Before anything happens, we need to prevent sickness and be healthy at all times.


Avail of Health Insurance Coverage | My Story

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My brother is encouraging me to avail of healthcare insurance cheap premiums, His wife recently joined the insurance business and they are looking for prospective clients. Her company’s target are middle to low income earners who would like to want to avail of health care coverage. Being sick these days is a menace especially when you are not a frugal saver. My brother says that his wife would like to offer me and my office mates a good healthcare package that we could avail at very affordable premiums. I told him that I could talk with our HR manager and perhaps she can come to our office for a product presentation during our lunch break. I’ve already read the the offer sheet she prepared for me. She made sure that my premiums are within my budget. I told my brother that I will have to discuss the matter with my husband before I could make a decision.


Avail of Cheap Health Insurance Coverage | My Story

I am looking for healthcare insurance cheap premium for my family, I recently attended a seminar on lifestyle diseases and I want to protect my family from loss of income due to sickness . I want a health insurance that has hospitalization coverage. I am very lousy at saving money and I know that on my own, I cannot set aside money in the bank for the contingency purposes without touching it for other expenses. But if I put the money on a health insurance coverage, I can be assured that I will have money for medical emergencies at the time of need. My husband and I have discussed this already and we have decided that we will prioritize his health insurance coverage for now. And if we have extra source of income next year, we will get one for me too. Nevertheless, we will strive to stay healthy for the sake of our children.


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