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Computer Programming Introduction

So how to make software ? if you are interested in developing any type of software or program, you first need to be more familiar with the different types of programming languages. The most popular programming languages to make software are Java , C and Visual Basic. They are quite easy to learn and also are very basic. However, if you are looking to create games, apps, drivers or operating systems, it is better to use(lean coding) go with C. There is C, C++ and also C#.

How to Start Programming ?

Now it is time to choose an editor. We recommend Notepad for Windows users since this is free and also will be able to support syntax highlighting. Any of you who are on a Mac can use a free editor called TextEdit. Remember that any visual programming languages include the editor and compiler. This is within the very same tool you use to develop your software.

Now you will need a compiler. For those who have no clue what this is, we will explain. For you, it may be easy to understand programming languages but for the computer it is not the same. Your computer basically needs an interpreter to read the program. This is where the compiler comes in to help.

So , What Are The Software Types ?

With literally hundreds of different programs, you will have many ideas to choose from when you decide what type of program you want to develop.

First we will cover the types of software you can create and the second will be a list of ideas for programs.

System Software

This type of software will often include a program that is responsible in managing the computer or laptop. We are talking about it’s operating system, the utilities for file management and also the disk operating system which is known as the DOS.

Application Software

For application software, most people refer to this as end-user or productivity programs. This particular type of software will allow users to carry out certain tasks such as creating a document, spreadsheets or databases. Other tasks include playing games, sending out email, messaging friends and even designing graphics.

Some great ideas to make a software

Music creator –
With a music creator, you can make your own tunes and add them to a video. It’s also possible to merge clips or sounds from instruments together, creating a totally new tune. Import brand new music or sound clips that you downloaded from the internet. Mostly music producers, video editors and even moms will use this to create birthday music for an upcoming children’s party.

Vehicle tracking –
Have you ever wanted to track a vehicle via your Smartphone? It’s possible to develop a highly advanced software like this one. This is perfect if you want to know where your family members are. This way if anything ever happens, you will always know their last location. Customers of this application would absolutely love this app.

Employee attendance tracker –
With thousands of jobs available, employers want to track everyone to see who is responsible when it comes to their work. An attendance tracker can be programmed to work with their Clock-In system to accurately track attendance.

Voice logger –
With a voice logger, busy students can make speech notes from their Smartphone application or computer. A logger can be paused or shared with others online. You may want to develop a voice logger that includes a logged voice chat. This voice chat can connect with others within your area so you can contact other students who are taking similar classes.

Speech to text –
With many students and freelance writers online, a speech to text software is the perfect answer for hands that develop carpal tunnel syndrome. No more having to wear a hand brace or visiting the Dr.

Library manager –
There are some people who own full libraries within their home, office or place of work. A library manager will assist them to find a book. All they need to do is type in the name of the book and it will find the location. If you want to learn how to make software, this is an easy program that you can begin with.

Data protector –
Having all of your important files locked with a password may not be enough. Imagine how many people would be interested in your program if it included fingerprint locking. This program is also able to organize all of your important data and you can back it up with a flash disk if you desire.

Content updater –
If you have a website with hundreds of pages, you will need a mass content updater. This will help people sort out their content without going into each page separately.

Wedding planner –
Planning a wedding isn’t easy so having software to organize your to do list will definitely help. The planner will have certain actions such checking off the list, setting up alerts for certain dates, integrating photos of wedding decor, saving sites for wedding dresses and might also have an option of scanning Google Maps for wedding stores.

Wifi shopping helper –
If you decide to create a WiFi shopping helper, it is a good idea to include a price tag scanner or search via name which spits out the full retail price. For grocery shopping, your customers can quickly get ingredient info to their phone.

A list of more great software ideas

– Astrology software
– Business software
– Chemical engineering software
– Software for children
– Communication software
– Data management software
– Educational software
– Entertainment software
– Graphics software
– Industrial software
– Knowledge representation software
– Language software
– Legal software
– Library and information science software

– Mobile applications

– Multimedia software
– Music software
– Personal information managers
– Science software
– Spreadsheet software
– Transport software
– Video games
– Video software

Benefits of learning programming languages

If you plan on making an iPhone application or the next best software that no one has ever thought about, you probably were contemplating ways to make the program. Some of you may even want to hire an advanced programmer but why do this when you can learn it yourself? It can take less than a couple months to learn and once you have developed your skills, you will have this skill set for life. Remember that the benefit of this is that you can update your program or software instead of paying someone thousands of dollars to do this. It can become quite expensive to have a programmer update everything. Also, if you decide later in the future you want to become a freelance programmer, you will already know how to develop a certain type of software.

How a software program can change one’s life

When you finally learn how to make software, you will have a better understanding of it. You’ll really begin to see how it can change one’s life. Let’s look at an example of one particular program we have mentioned. The voice to text software will obviously take the strain off a user’s hands if they are someone who types a lot. There are many people who work 8 hours a day from their computer. Quite a few of these people have gone to visit the clinics because of the excruciating pain in their hands. This is a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some people aren’t even able to work anymore because of their condition and require a wrist brace.

Learn to code | Learn to code online

After this, it is time to read some tutorials so that way you can learn how to make software online. We have compiled some recommendations below these steps so you can choose from the programming languages that you want to learn from. In order to create a certain program, you may need to learn more than one program.

Recommendations for learning programming

Here are some recommendations on websites that will teach you programming languages below:
Learn cpp

Tutorials point

Java t point

C Programming

This website is dedicated to learning the basics of C and C++ for beginners. Here you will learn about loops, functions, switch case, structures, typecasting, binary trees and so much more.

With the example we mentioned above, you now know how important software programs are for users. It can help them in terms of health, becoming more organized, protecting their files, being more safe, speeding up job completion time and so forth.

How to make software using tutorials

With so many tutorials available online, you shouldn’t have any issues making software. On top of that, you will also be able to contact advanced programmers for help. We recommend joining a programming forum if you need help. Anytime you are stumped or come across a problem when developing software, someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

So , now you are learning to code ? In conclusion…

All in all, if you plan to learn how to make software, you will need to do everything step by step. Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s a lot to learn but you can stick with a weekly schedule. Say for example, you could always divide your first classes. With Visual Basic, there might be a total of 20 tutorials to learn from. Begin with four tutorials per week. Obviously, learning how to make software using all off the programming languages could take anywhere from two to six months depending on your dedication.

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