How to Motivate Your Children to Read


Some children really enjoy reading from when they are first taught and they have a lot of fun with it. Others find it much more of a challenge. This is when parents need to come in and really work with them and help them. This is not always an easy task though, so below are some tips on how you might be able to make it easier for yourself.

Find rewards

It is important to find a way to reward your child. Sometimes a ‘well done’ and hug can be enough to reward a child. Others may respond to stickers or charts. Some may like to be bought a gift. You will know what will work for your child but it might be worth discussing it with them. Explain that for each time they read they will get something as a reward and they will have more motivation for doing it.

Get a routine

It is good to find the right time to read each day. Some children are much more alert and up for working in the mornings, but others work better in the evenings. It is therefore important to work at the time when they will be most responsive. If you are not sure then you could try different times until you find one that works. Then stick to reading at that time every day and you will get a routine. Your child will soon get used to reading at that time each day.


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Explain why it is important

It is a good idea to explain to the child why it is important for them to learn to read. Make sure that you do it on their terms though. Telling them they will need it to get a good job will not work because they will not understand the importance of getting a good job, when they are so little. However, telling them it will make it easier for them to play their favourite computer games or they will be able to find out more about things they are interested in could work better.

Don’t lose your patience

It can be really easy to get frustrated when children are not willing to read or are struggling with it. However, you need to keep patient so that they remain calm and focused. If they can feel that you are not enjoying the experience, then they will not enjoy it either. Try to make it a fun time where you cuddle together and enjoy a story rather than a frustrating experience where you try to force them to read and they find it hard.
Find a Hard Book they Love
Another way to motivate them is to find a book or story that they really enjoy which is too hard for them to read. Then explain to them that it would be lovely if they could read it to themselves whenever they wanted to and they could do this if they learn to read. Read it to them and get them to help you by sounding out some of the letters or reading words that they know. They will hopefully enjoy this and it could motivate them to work harder on their reading.

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