Seven Reasons Thieves Can Easily Rob Your House


Beach getaways and summer vacation are upon us. The last thing we want is that burglars are snooping around our empty house while we are soaking in the sun. If we take precautions, we shouldn’t be paranoid about our belongings while we are away. We shouldn’t take home security matters too lightly. Here are reasons why your house can be more vulnerable to theft and robbery.

1. You have weak security system

Many homeowners don’t have comprehensive security measures, including motion-activated and forced entry alarms. We should do enough to fortify our houses. As an example, doors should have heavy duty lock strike plates.

2. Our home looks deserted

One very obvious clue to thieves that we have gone away for a summer vacation is an unkempt lawn. We should mow our lawn a bit more aggressively before we depart. We may also hire someone to keep our lawn trimmed and watered while we are gone. In any case, our house should look well cared for. A similar precaution should be taken during winter. We may ask someone to regularly shovel our driveway.

burglar 294485 640 300x300 Seven Reasons Thieves Can Easily Rob Your House3. Electrical extension cords that go through the windows

During summer months, many people use string lights to illuminate their outdoor spaces and deck. When we do this, we should avoid running electrical extension cords through our windows. Our windows may not close and latch – an open invitation for burglars to enter our house.

4. You accept door-to-door solicitations

A group of burglars may try to spy houses in a neighborhood by posing as people who ask for donations. Don’t open the door if someone comes to our house, especially if it’s only days away from our departure.

5. You use old techs

There are different technological implementations that can help to fool potential burglars. As an example, FakeTV is a device that simulates the flickering light of TV sets in a room. We may also use Wi-Fi-based security systems to enable various home automation devices. We may remotely turn lights on and off through the Internet with our smartphones. This should help to ward off burglars.

6. Valuables are not hidden

Our valuables should be kept out of sight. Your favorite artwork and that shiny new laptop should be hidden from any prying eyes.

7. You publicize your vacation plans

Many people eagerly show their latest vacations updates on Instagram and Facebook. It’s probably not a good thing to share all our vacation details with 500 Facebook “friends”, especially if some of them are not really our friends, because we randomly accept friend requests from strangers.


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