Top Tips on Increasing Your Savings


These days it can seem like we have less and less money all of the time. It can be easy to think that we will just have to get used to not having enough to go round, but actually there are things that we can do to cut costs. You may think that you have tried everything, but it is worth trying these things again to see whether you can save even more.

1. Write down what you are spending. Noting down every single thing that you are spending your money on can be very enlightening. You will see exactly where all of your money is going and where you are spending the most money. You may be surprised as to how much things cost and may find that you are buying things that you do not really need that you can cut back on. This could help you to have more money free to save.

2. It is worth looking at the main places that you spend money and cutting these down as they will have the most effect. Things like rent or mortgage, utility bills, transport and food are the usually the main things that people spend on. You may be able to switch providers or supermarkets and cut some significant costs. Compare prices of all of these things and see whether there are any changes that you can easily make that will help to reduce your spending and help you to save more.


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3. Put aside savings when you get paid. This can help you to not be tempted to spend the money. It could seem difficult, but if you are the type of person that sees money in the bank and so spends it, this will help you to save more easily. You can always take the money back out of the savings account if you get desperate for it but it should help you to save.


4. Increasing your income is a good was to build up your savings. This will enable you to have more money to be able to put away each month. It may seem quite hard but it depends what you currently do. If you have a full-time job then you may be able to get overtime or ask for a pay rise. If you are working part-time, then you may be able to find extra work to help raise more money. If you find looking for a job difficult, then consider doing some freelance work online or even selling things that you own to generate money.


5. Lastly it is important to consider paying off your debts first. Although it is great to have some savings behind you in case you lose your job or need to buy something in the future, the reality is that debts cost more than savings. You will save more money if you pay off your debts and reduce the interest payments on them, than you will if you just tuck money away for a rainy day. Obviously if you are saving up for something specific then this will not apply to you, but it is always worth some thought.

Saving money is something that is very difficult to do in the current financial situation. It does take a lot of commitment and determination but it can be well worth it in the end. Keep reminding yourself of why you are saving money in order to motivate you especially when you are tempted to buy something that you do not necessarily need. You will soon start to build new spending habits which should help with the saving.



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