Top Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Electricity


Electricity bills seem to be ever rising and it can seem that this sort of bill can take household spending to a really high level. There are many ways though, that you could reduce the cost of your electricity bills. Some are very simple and easy and others take a bit of work, but they are all worth considering.

Compare Providers

There are many different electricity providers and they can supply you at different rates. It is worth taking a look each year to see whether you can find a cheaper one. The difference in cost can be really significant and the supply will be exactly the same. You can easily research prices online and calculate whether it will be cheaper to change and who you can change to, in order to save money.

Change Tariff

If you do not want to change provider, then you may find that they have a cheaper tariff that you could swap to. This could end up saving you some money without the hassle of having to get a new supplier. If you find it hard to tell which you should swap to, if any, then talk to your supplier, they should be able to help.

Stop Wasting  Electricity

Many people waste electricity. They leave lights and technology switched on, plugged in or charging when they are not using them and this all uses up electricity. If you start to look, you may find that there are many ways that you could cut down on electricity use and save some money. There are many other ways to save, by turning thermostats down on heat and water, not filling the kettle when you boil it so it uses less energy, ensuring washing machines and dishwashers are full when you use them etc.

Buy Energy Saving products

When you are replacing things such as light bulbs or white goods then it is wise to look for energy saving ones. These could end up saving you a lot of money in the long term. Normally replacing something that is working, just because it uses less electricity, will not save you enough money to make it worthwhile. However, if you need to replace it anyway it is wise to buy an energy saving replacement.


Use Other Peoples Electricitylight bulb 376926 640 200x300 Top Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Electricity

This may sound wrong, but it is possible to do this without costing other people money. If you visit a friend, go to shop or sit in a cafe, you will be using their heating and not yours (assuming that you turn yours off when you go out). You may be able to charge up your devices while you are there as well. You may not want to pay out for a drink, but you could go to a library instead. There you can read for free and stay warm. You may even be able to use computers there. You may or may not feel right charging items at other people houses though, but if they have solar panels, the they could be making free electricity which they will be happy for you to use.

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