Viewing Unprotected webcams “CgiStart”



one day i found out this on a website blog, once you found a controllable webcam you can control that web cam from your can turn that camera left,right zoom in and zoom out , Simply it’s all yours !!!

You can refer below screenshot

ex hid cam 300x195 Viewing Unprotected webcams CgiStart
Unprotected webcam example


i found office webcams, webcams in houses and cams in many public places using this method, actually  google redirects us to a online web cam admin panel ,that’s how this method works .actually this is a kind of lower level hacking.

How to find a unprotected cam ?

type “CgiStart?page= ” in google search engine . (Refer below image)

other than that keyword you can also try following search queries

  1.   inurl:/view.shtml
  2.   intitle:”Live View
  3.   inurl:view/indexFrame.shtml
  4.   inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=


cgi 300x161 Viewing Unprotected webcams CgiStart
“CgiStart?page=” Google search results page




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