Four Ways Athletes Should Use iPhone/iPhone 6 to Enhance Their Performance


The iPhone 6 certainly looks awesome with its many new features and it has lead many people to ditch their old smartphones. However, the device is more than just about hours of playing Angry Birds or taking thousands of selfies. These devices could do many things for professional athletes:

1. Use it for tough lifestyle

The iPhone 6 is obviously tough with its anti-scratch display and metal chassis. We could definitely use the phone when we groove to some tunes while we are using the treadmill. We may accidentally knock the phone from its perch when we reach for our water bottle to take a sip. Our stomach will surely sink if we find the dreaded spider-web cracks on the display. Athletes are consistently in motion and even if they are not training, they need to maintain their fitness with daily exercises. The iPhone 6 comes with an incredibly tough display and chassis. The development of new material renders the iPhone 6 virtually invincible for various tasks. No matter what we put the phone through, it will always be in great shape. We could jump, dive and run with confidence, knowing that our phone will survive unscathed if it takes a tumble.

2. Use the slow-motion featureiphone 37856 640 294x300 Four Ways Athletes Should Use iPhone/iPhone 6 to Enhance Their Performance

Despite its relatively low resolution, at only 8Mp, the camera of iPhone 6 is still the most capable in the market. It comes with the useful slow-motion capability that can produce silky smooth videos running at 120fps. This feature should be useful for athletes, because they can analyze their forms. It won’t be necessary to purchase a dedicated high-speed camera for this purpose.

3. Turn it into a personal nutritionist, coach and trainer

The cool thing about the iPhone 6 is its ability to support many sports-related apps. Coupled with the wonderful new features of iOS 8, the phone has opened an entirely new level of capabilities to enhance athletes even further. The Health app allows us to boost our fitness and it could turn our smartphone into a very smart tool. It could track our sleep, fitness, nutrition and other health data. Many people say that the iPhone series is the start of a new health revolution.

4. Use it for outdoor activities

The iPhone 6 offers incredibly long battery life and it is possible to use the phone for the whole day. It puts an end to the fearsome scenario where athletes lose contact with others. When athletes are far away from the wall sockets, they need a phone that can support them for a very long time.
Many successful athletes are also famous celebrities and they need more than fresh shoes and clothes for official events. It would be great if they also sport an impressive piece of technology during parties.

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