Three Ways Retails Businesses Should use Tablets to Improve Sales


Retail employees definitely need to be approachable and friendly. But, no matter how wide their smile is; it won’t mean much if they are clueless about their own products and services. It is important for companies to empower and educate their employees. By being knowledgeable, retail employees will have the confidence to approach every single potential buyer who walks in their store. Retail employees must care about potential customers and there are tools that can help them. Tablet-based information center could improve communication between people in the store. Here are tablet-based implementations that can be useful in the retail industry,

1. Customer identification

It would be advantageous for retail employees, if they can immediately identify potential buyers the moment they pass through the door. This can be achieved by using tablets and in-store WLAN. By entering their names or identification numbers, employees can immediately get detailed customer profile, including price sensitivity, purchase history and others. This provides an instant synopsis that can help retail employees improve their service from the get-go. Without this system, retail employees often fail to identify loyal customers. Customer identification should be able to benefit both sides and each customer is able to obtain more personalized service over time.

2. Employment engagementwoman 801872 640 300x201 Three Ways Retails Businesses Should use Tablets to Improve Sales

Retail businesses should seek to improve empowerment and engagement among employees. Empowered and engaged employees could gain insights like never before. There are different tools that can help to empower employees, such as smart inventory system to view inventory in real time. Tablets can be used to track the performance of each retail employee. Incentives and bonuses can be given for high-performing retail employees. With a proper system, employees who have a tablet on their hand while working could feel highly empowered.

3. Portable point of sale

No customer wants to wait 15 minutes behind a woman who argues about a discount with the cashier. Retail employees who bring tablets can set up a checkout point anywhere inside the store. The whole retail experience may disappear if customers have to wait in a very long line. Loyal customers could get a better shopping experience if they can do things on their own terms, instead of being annoyed behind a long line. In this case, tablets could become a highly sophisticated personal assistant for both retail employees and customers. It is a good thing if business owners are able to integrate tablet-based personalization in their stores.


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