What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?


What is comprehensive auto insurance? This question can be answered by taking a closer look at auto insurance in general. There are two main components of vehicle insurance, namely liability and physical damage cover.

Liability covers against injury or death of another driver or passenger.

Physical damage covers the repair cost of damages – minus the deductible – on the vehicle.

Physical damage cover again consists of two components, in this case collision and comprehensive cover. Collision cover is designed to deal with any damage caused to the car by an accident involving another vehicle or object of some kind. Comprehensive cover pays for the cost incurred through damages incurred as the result of a non-collision incident. It should be noted here that a collision with an animal, such as a deer, for instance, comes under this comprehensive cover heading.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage

Essentially, comprehensive auto insurance covers damage through animals, fire, glass breakage and hail, rain or flooding, as well as falling objects or missiles, theft, riots, vandalism and wind.

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